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My Exclusive 6 Step-by-Step Guides include:

Signature Story Guide

Every artist needs to be clear about their Signature Story in order to run a successful online business, but too many have not gone through a deep enough process to clarify theirs. So in this guide we break this down for you as the first step in your online business planning process.

Low-Hanging Fruit Guide

This is a key indicator as to what your business plan will revolve around- you'll need to figure your low-hanging fruit offer in order to ensure you can hit the revenue goal you will work out in the next Guide.

Revenue Plan Guide

If you want a profitable business, you need a revenue plan. I’ll show you how to approach this in a cool, calm, and no-nonsense way so that it gets done without drama.

Ideal Client Discovery Guide

This guide helps you determine who your ideal client is for your chosen low-hanging fruit offer.

Crafting an Offer Guide

Get the framework for creating your own winning offers as well as some examples of successful offers from other artists to model.

Tech Essentials Guide

Don’t be afraid of tech - they’re the TOOLS you need to make your business work! I’ve compiled a list of the essentials you'll need in an easy-to-use format, so you can get started quickly.

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