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Soul Biz Hour - $497

1-hour coaching session

"Wow, I have just listened to this...I feel a soothing sense of relief and clarity. Alexis, you have broken down the basis and importance of the Productivity Matrix so well I am feeling so confident in terms of what my business will be doing 12 months from now, as long as I respect the Productivity Matrix. Thank you for the beginning of greater Clarity!!!" - Antonia Lee | Fine Artist

"Ah, my goodness, what a relief. This is so clear and feels doable. I recognize where my resistance and overload comes from and being able to nip it in the bud by using a framework is a godsend. Thank you" – Emma Berry | Fine Artist

"This is freaking awesome!!! I am an idea generator and definitely also struggle with shiny object syndrome. I have to try really hard and plan everything out so I don't get distracted. I definitely needed the help with the organization and creating systems...Thank you so much for the reminder on the top 10 and order of priority! Thank you for giving examples of the benchmarks and the breakdown on how you would approach each one. My notebook is bursting!" - Kelli Folsom | Fine Artist

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